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Cashew and pistachios nut allergy 2019/10/9 20:12
Looking for advice on how to ask if the food has cashew or pistachios nuts. My 5 year daughter has severe cashew and pistachios nut allergy.
I don’t think Japanese cook with these items but not sure if nut oil is used contains these items. How can I ensure the food does not contain these nuts? What food can she eat ?
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Re: Cashew and pistachios nut allergy 2019/10/10 16:43
With a quick research on google about your interesting question, i found these two sites, that might be helpful for you and your daugther:



On the first site you get some interesting infos and Verbs, on the second site there are some helpful phrases and a sort of card you can take with you to show it to the service-personal.

If you search the words: "Food allergies in Japan" you can find more helpful sites.

Please keep in mind, that sometimes the service don´t know if a specific ingredient was used. Even the cook might not know if the ingredient was mixed in instant products like oil and seasoning he or the restaurant had buy.

I hope this helps you a little bit!
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Re: Cashew and pistachios nut allergy 2019/10/10 23:54
Both "cashew nuts" and "pistachio nuts" are pronounced in Japanese like English.

Cashew nuts: カシューナッツ (pronounced "kashuu nattsu")

Pistachio nuts: ピスタチオナッツ (pronounced "pisutachio nattsu"), or you can just say ピスタチオ ("pisutachio")

Allergy: アレルギー ("a-re-ru-gii")

This child has allergy: この子にはアレルギーがあります ("kono ko niwa arerugii ga arimasu.")

I'm quite surprised that the through websites presented by the other poster does not show this most important sentence.

If you're just making a short trip to Japan, may I suggest you stay at a hotel with a reliable concierge and book restaurants through them.

If you're living in Japan, you should visit a doctor, so ask the doctor for advice. Also try to join an organization of allergic people that doesn't rely on one specific belief. This is a good one:

Either way, don't rely on anonymous internet users like us, and double-check translations to real people you can trust. But generally speaking, cashews and pistachios are rarely hidden in ingredients used for Japanese cuisine. Just note that Japanese cuisine is not the only thing that is enjoyed in Japan. Cashews are commonly used in Chinese cuisine (in a very obvious way), and sweets of any kind are often garnished with pistachios.

I'm sure that through your years of raising her you're used to the general way of avoiding her allergens. Take it easy. Thoughts from a mom of a person who grew out of egg allergy.
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