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Tokyo-Sapporo transport card 2019/10/9 21:33
Hi everyone..
I need some suggestions for my winter japan trip. Wefll be traveling to japan from Dec 27th to Jan 6th. Our flight is scheduled to arrive at haneda at Dec 27th morning and then wefll fly to sapporo at noon, wefll fly back to tokyo at Dec 31st. At sapporo, Ifm planning to take my children (9, 11 and 13 years old) for some sledding and snow tubing near sapporo. Take a day to visit otaru and a day exploring sapporo. At Tokyo wefll do some shopping, take a day trip to kawaguchiko, or hakone, visit disneysea.
The questions are:
1. Which transportation card is best for this sapporo and tokyo trip?
2. Since we wonft be skiing, which ski resort near sapporo is better for kids activities? One that is easy to reach by public transport and not too expensive is more preferable. Wefll probably do the snow activity at Dec 29th. (I am considering between sapporo tenkei, sapporo bankei, takino suzuran hillside)
3. Which day is best to take a day trip from tokyo?
I did a lot of research, but it seems that the more i read the more I get confused, so I really appreciate your insighs. Thanks before ^^
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Re: Tokyo-Sapporo transport card 2019/10/10 08:21
Hi Ria. If you get a Pasmo, it will work well both in Tokyo and Sapporo. As for the ski resort, there's one near Otaru ( Sapporo Teine Ski Resort) that you might want to check out.
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Re: Tokyo-Sapporo transport card 2019/10/10 14:31
Hi andrea, thanks for your reply..
Have you ever been to sapporo teine before? If we arenft going for skiing, do we still need to buy the lift tickets?
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Re: Tokyo-Sapporo transport card 2019/10/11 02:23
Ski resorts will not allow you on the lifts if you are not skiing. It would be a massive liability to allow tubing/sleds on the same runs as skis.

Some resorts will have a specific hill for sleds with a small lift just for that.

If you are mainly going to Sapporo just for snow activities, you may consider just heading up to Yuzawa, which is close enough to Tokyo for just a day trip by train. They should be open mid December.

for example:

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Re: Tokyo-Sapporo transport card 2019/10/11 04:22
Suica also works in Sapporo. Get whichever is more convenient for you (Suica if you ride the monorail from Haneda, Pasmo if you take the Keikyuu Line).
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Re: Tokyo-Sapporo transport card 2019/10/11 09:39
Thanks for your input TW..
At first, I was planning to do tokyo-osaka-shirakawago for this trip because my children want to visit disneysea and the USJ, but many people suggested to choose only one theme parks because of the crowd during the new year holidays.
They also commented about train trips during this holiday will not be easy. Thatfs why I changed my plan to tokyo-sapporo.
Since we are from a 12 months hot tropical country, visiting a city covered in white snow for a couple of days would be an interesting experience to replace USJ.
I donft want to spend the whole time in tokyo, or maybe there are another closer snowy city from Tokyo in late December?
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