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Part time job tax and pension 2019/10/10 15:47
I got a part time job last month.
I am working only few days and few hours a week.
I will get September salary next October 20.
I think I earned around 60000yen.
If my salary is that small, tax and pension gonna be deducted?
About health insuranc, I am still on my husband health insurance.
But what about tax and pension?
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Re: Part time job tax and pension 2019/10/10 22:50
You should be able to join your husband pension scheme as dependent, just like the insurance if your income is within limit. You won't have to pay pension. Under Category III insured persons .

As for income tax if your income is below certain taxable limit, the you won't be taxed. Your husband may claim spouse tax reduction.
Example below
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Re: Part time job tax and pension 2019/10/16 22:04
My salary of my new part time job is small.
This month around 60000yen, next month maybe around 80000yen.
Depending on the days I work, but mostly it will not be more than 100000yen .
Last year I had another job and I was working much more so my salary was much more, so I dont think my husband can get tax reduction...
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