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living with monks 2019/10/12 20:33

I have always wanted to try living like a monk in a temple/shrine/monastery, i search around but all i could find was 1 day or a few days but i dont want a "experience" like you pay and they show all these stuff and things. I just wanna live there and do what they do for maybe 2-3 months. is there a place in japan that accepts foreigners to live with them. of course i dont expect it do be free or even cheap, i am willing to pay and work for my stay there.
and i know this is easier done in other countries and much cheaper and probably better english as well but i like japan and i speak decent japanese so i only want tips about places i can contact in japan.

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Re: living with monks 2019/10/13 18:45
Odd question to ask - but which sect of Japanese Buddhism interests you most?

That would be a good start since Buddhism is as diverse as any other major religion. Some are conservative, some are progressive, some are crackpots. This is the same as any religion - but a bit more scope will help those on the forum.

Of course - there will probably be someone after me that knows more that can answer questions better than I can.
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Re: living with monks 2019/10/13 23:19
If I'd like to do priest's study seriously."Heirin-ji" but it's recommended.A chief priest in Saitama-ken trained himself by most "Heirin-ji" and had the temple.


A foreigner accepts of course, too.
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Re: living with monks 2019/10/14 13:43
Sogenji Temple is well-known for its long-term options for foreigners:
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