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Pocket WiFi in Fukuoka 2019/10/13 05:02
We are arriving into Fukuoka airport at 1950 and the latest open counter I can find for pocket wifi rental closes at 2130. I've only ever flown into Narita and that would be cutting it way too close in Tokyo but I have no idea if the same is true in a smaller airport like Fukuoka? We will not have checked bags.

We have an Airbnb and our host stated that we are not able to have the device delivered to the apartment. The only other option I can think of is to have it delivered to us in the US (JTB will do this )but that means paying for it for extra days because we are spending a few days in Seattle before we fly to Japan.

Is there an option I haven't considered? Anyone have any experience with immigration at Fukuoka?

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Re: Pocket WiFi in Fukuoka 2019/10/28 18:36
You can order one online and have it sent to a post office for you to collect. Or you could simply wait until the following day to get one. You'll have wifi in the AirBnB presumably? So it'll only be a few hours the first night if you go out that you'd be without internet. You'll probably cope.
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Re: Pocket WiFi in Fukuoka 2019/10/28 19:14
You have 1.5 hours between your arrival and closure of the office. That seems to be abundand time to me, if the pick-up is in the same terminal as your arrival terminal. Fukuoka airport has two terminals, and it takes a bit to get from one to the other. But if it is the same, it should really be no problem, unless your flight is delayed.

Alternatively you could get simply a Japanese SIM card (data only) either at the airport or in town and use that one (instead of a portal wifi). I would prefer that anyway so I have one less item to bring around, but it also means you'll need to remove your home country SIM from your mobile phone.

And if all fails, you could go back to the airport next day, which in Fukuoka is quite close to the city.

Did you check with the Airbnb? Maybe they actually offer a mobile wifi. Many do. So you might not even need a rental mobile wifi.

Enjoy your trip to Kyushu!
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