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Ghibili museum 2019/10/13 10:48
Please let me know how can i purchase tickets for ghibili museum today or tomorrow
by Ruty  

Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/13 12:25

It's not happening. Tickets must be bought in advance.

If you could go on the 16th and are willing to spend the money (13,500 per person) you could still go with Japanican:


They are completely legitimate and they are a subsidiary of JTB, one of the largest Japanese tour companies.

If you could hold off until the 18th, Willer Bus also offers a tour for only 4000 yen and has availability then.

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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/13 16:44
It depends on the day you go,
See below for 4 ways to buy a ticket for the Ghibli Museum.
Last year I bought it online (Lawson online) and it was perfect.

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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/13 23:00
A model of "TOTORO" is Sayama hill.If it isn't put in "TOTORO art museum", please experience true home of "TOTORO".

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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/14 03:04

The OP made it sound like they wanted to get tickets to go to the museum today or tomorrow vs. asking how to purchase them today or tomorrow for some future date. If they're buying tickets for a future date it really depends on how far out that future date is and where they are currently living what their options are.

The JTB option listed on the site you mentioned is no longer valid for people living in the USA, unless perhaps they visit a physical JTB branch. JTB USA will only sell Ghibli tickets with the purchase of a JR Rail Pass now for people in the USA. It sort of sucks. I have not checked other JTB websites to see if the same condition is true outside the USA. JTB USA at least now tends to sell out much faster than in that Tofugu report. I contacted them 3 days after they released tickets for my date in July 2018 when I didn't hear back from them as I had sent in a request day of release. Nearly all of July was sold out already including my dates. I did get tickets via Lawson's. I refused to pay for JTB's overpriced Japanican Tour, but if you are desperate, wealthy, or a combination of the two, the tour tends to have tickets when everyone else is sold out. The prices of one of the big tours went up in 2018 and the tour now does "more." Whether it is worth it to you, depends on what you want to do in Tokyo.

The Willer tour is pretty new and while more expensive than buying direct, has their own allotment so can sometimes be booked when you miss the Lawson window. It is cheaper than any of the offerings on Viator and Willer is a well known bus company in Japan and I would think completely reliable. They just started offering these tickets in 2019, so I guess the information on the tour isn't as available online

Personally, I think the museum is overrated. I like Miyazaki films a lot, as does my daughter, but the museum is tiny and packed to the gills. It can also be very loud. The food available is very very limited and the lines are very long. If you leave there is no re-entry. I am glad we went when my daughter was still on a child ticket, but I am not in a rush to go back. Maybe the new theme park outside Nagoya will be better.

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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/14 06:37
@rkold - JTB Australia still sell tickets.
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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/14 08:08
@Sal1980, that's awesome, and I hope they keep selling them instead of moving to the system the USA has which is awful. Sometimes you just really don't need a nationwide rail pass. Our next trip in February is a prime example.
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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/14 13:12
@rkold, yeah it seems like a rort and I feel sorry for the first timers from the US. I enjoyed the Ghibli museum the two times I've been (once years ago pre-kids), then in January so the kids could see it. There isn't a need to return now though, and I certainly wouldn't if I had to buy the ticket as part of a rail pass or tour package! Next time we go to Japan, the Nintendo area of USJ should be open so Ghibli will definitely not get a look in.
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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/14 15:49
@Sal1980, I too went once years ago pre-kid, and that trip was fine and the museum wasn't packed. I did not enjoy my experience with my daughter in 2018. It was just so crowded through out the museum and all the exhibits were nearly exactly the same. I enjoyed the original animation I saw the first trip vs. Boro the caterpillar which didn't really appeal to either me or my daughter. Our hotel in Tokyo got us tickets via Lawson's for that trip since they were sold out via JTB. The person on the phone from JTB tried to get me to buy the $100+ tour, but I had no interest since they specifically say they can't handle a vegetarian diet and we are vegetarians. If the Willer Tour had been an option I might have just gone with that.

It's honestly a terrible system for people in the USA. I am unsure why they switched. But I think people giving information on how to obtain tickets need to be aware that for people within the USA it has drastically changed.

I think for last minute people, the Willer tour could prove to be a godsend. While it has a mark-up it's not a ridiculous one and they seem to have decent last minute availability.

I suspect Nintendo World at USJ will be a big hit when we make it there for us as well. We've been going to Japan once a year, but I am hoping in 2020 to go 2x.
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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/14 19:53
I enjoyed watching our kids on the nekobasu and the fun as they went through all the eccentric little doors and paths.

We did 4 trips in 3 years, then had kids. Our eldest will be 7 in March and Sept will be her 4th trip. I look forward to being able to go at least once a year again but once every 18-24 months will have to do for now. I've never bothered about USJ but now with a huge Japanese pop culture incentive I can't wait to check it out. Seems like the perfect opportunity to celebrate my 40th.
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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/14 22:53
I went to Japan 2-3x a year for a bunch of years. Mine just turned 9 and will hit trip 5 in February. I'm a little nervous about the time change since we've moved within the USA.

We've gone to USJ 2x already because we like theme parks and rides. I went to USJ my first time in '16 cause my daughter was obsessed with riding the Jaws ride and it's gone from the US parks. I got to finally check out Harry Potter as well because I wasn't going to pay over $200 in tickets to go to the US parks where my kid wouldn't make any height lines. We went back to USJ in '18. The park was completely dead the day we visited and it was amazing, but the trains getting back to Osaka were an insane nightmare due to rain. I should have eaten the hotel cost in Kyoto for 1 night and booked another night at USJ.

At least the 2x we've gone hotels near USJ are so much cheaper than you would think for hotels walking distance to a theme park. We've averaged about $150 with breakfast. I would pay more for the JTB package that gives early entry to the parks, but it's not offered through JTB USA. I would see if JTB Australia offers it. It doesn't sound like a lot but those extra 15 minutes can make a huge difference, if the park isn't completely dead. I've also once bought express passes. It was worth it for the '16 trip. I am glad I didn't buy them for '18 because it would have been a waste of money.
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Re: Ghibili museum 2019/10/19 00:28
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A stage of "TOTORO" is Tokorozawa Sayama hill in 1953.

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