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RWC in Japan 2019/10/13 22:42
Hi All,

A bit of an odd question.

I'm aware that there are more slightly random questions on the forum in the last couple of months due to tourists coming to Japan for the RWC. What I wanted to know is how much coverage and support has happened locally in Japan?

I'm aware that Japan is so large and segmented that it's easy to miss most huge events - so I just wanted to know what it's like in Japan at the moment taking into consideration the large typhoon at present as well....
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Re: RWC in Japan 2019/10/14 15:27
I can speak to Tokyo
- there are banners about rugby World Cup in many parts of the city, including non central ones
- rugby is covered quite extensively on tv
- yesterday one could hear the roars of fans
- I saw some public viewing at a train station in Musashi Sakai (Japan-Samoa) which had attracted maybe around 200 people. Ifd say 80% Japanese
- yesterday in the onsen I was, everyone was glued to Japan/Scotland on the tv
- people walk around with Japan rugby team T-shirts
- some of electronic shops show rugby in their TVs on the street
- the fact that the Canadian team helped cleaning after the typhoon was widely made public

What you donft see are Japanese flags on balconies

And it obviously helped that Japan classified as first in their pool.

So yeah, it gets pretty covered. And regarding the typhoon i think Japan got lucky. It didnft really hit Tokyo. Rain here was just normal and not too much wind either. Yes, i realize that there are areas in Nagano and Ibaraki that got flooded and i think this morning the death toll was at 15. But for being the worst typhoon in 50 years (or so) its not as bad as you might think and the Japanese rescue machine works reliably.
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