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Is My Fuji worth the trip in March to April? 2019/10/14 07:17

I am planning a trip to Japan in March to April. I was planning to visit Mt Fuji, but since I won't be able to climb it at this time of the year, I was wondering whether a trip to this area would be worth it? I am on a tight budget and don't want to be disappointed. My other choices if I can't go here is Takayama, Niigata or Hakone/Sapporo.

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Re: Is My Fuji worth the trip in March to April? 2019/10/14 11:39
Assuming that youfll stay some days in Tokyo there really isnft a need to make a decision now. You can visit Kawaguchiko as a day trip.

What to see in Kawaguchiko and the f that interest you , you can see in a guide book or this webpage. Ifd think that in the later half of April you should be able to see Sakura.

Regarding your alternatives, what do you want to do in Niigata ??? Not really a well known tourist destination.

And Hakone/Sapporo are a long way apart. Did you mean Hakodate???
Hakone could be an alternative for viewing mt Fuji. There is however no guarantee that you will be able to see it. Depends on the weather!

Enjoy planning your trip to Japan!
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Re: Is My Fuji worth the trip in March to April? 2019/10/14 15:55
Since sighting Fujisan is quite difficult and unpredictable. And with you tight budget and wish of not being disappointed. My frame of mind is to omit Fujisan and go elsewhere. May go to Kawaguchiko and become disappointed due to Fujisan hiding in the clouds.
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