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Tea Ceremonies in Kyoto 2019/10/16 05:09
I was wondering if anyone could recommend places for tea ceremonies in Kyoto, and I also wanted to know if reservations are typically required .

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Tea Ceremonies in Kyoto 2019/10/21 17:39
Our party had a great experience with this tea ceremony studio in Kyoto Arashiyama
Easily accessible by several train and bus lines, and the lady speaks perfect English as she explains about everything in detail. What I liked here was that unlike some other tea rooms where you are only an observer, here they actually let each of you try your hand at preparing your own tea. We did not book ahead and they had a slot available, but I think it's better to let them know about a day before.
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Re: Tea Ceremonies in Kyoto 2019/10/27 11:51
You may check the website below:
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Re: Tea Ceremonies in Kyoto 2019/11/12 03:46
Maikoya has multiple branches both in Kyoto and Tokyo. Maikoya also allows you to wear kimono and do tea ceremony as well.
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