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Kiso Valley Takayama Kanazawa Itinerary 2019/10/17 21:58
Hi all,

Looking for some advice on rail passes for our itinerary. We will be going for 6 days with the following itinerary:

day 1: nagoya -> takayama
day 2: takayama -> shirakawa go
day 3: kanazawa
day 4: matsumoto
day 5: kiso valley
day 6: nagoya

What is the most cost-effective way to travel to these places? and is there enough time spent in each location?

Looking for a rail/bus pass that will cover all/most of these locations. Thanks!
by PK (guest)  

Re: Kiso Valley Takayama Kanazawa Itinerary 2019/10/18 09:34
Hi, I wont comment on passes because I usually pay as I go. The order of travel and time in each location is fine, personally I would spend less in Nagoya and more in Takayama but some people like Kanazawa more as well. With Shirakawa-go if you are staying overnight I would really only allocate about 3 daylight hours for it on the arrival date as there is not that much to see.

In saying all of that, personally I could spend quite a few days in Takayama and 2 or so in Kanazawa without being bored, also if you are going back to Osaka you will be passing Hikone which is worth a look for the great original castle and garden alongside it.
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