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Explain this phrase 2019/10/18 15:39
I was reading manga for practice and I came upon this particular phrase - 'いい加減決めたか' and I can't quite understand the meaning, ahah. As far as I can see, 加減 means 'condition', but I can't quite contextualize it very well. ('Did you choose a good condition'??) Please help?
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Re: Please explain this phrase? いい加減 2019/10/19 12:51
いい加減(ii kagen) has some different meanings.
1-2 ; 相当な程度に達しているので、ほどほどのところで終わってほしいさま。
Bc it has reached a considerable degree, someone wants you to finish at a moderate level,
The phrases when asking conclusions or results from people who have been worried for a long time.
We use it when angry, but that's not all as emotion/feeling, just wondering cases also usual.
It is often used when you want to know the results, but it is also used to check the progress.
So the answer is "Already V(past = decided)?" as longer time has passed.

And, we also use "もう(mou : sounds like long tone "もー mo")" instead of いい加減.
This "V(past)+か(ka)" is limited to whether the people are younger than speaker or an equal position,
Since いい加減 often includes a bad meaning(like disappointing), it cannot be used for unfamiliar partners.
otherwise, use honorific(敬語 keigo) like "もうお決まりですか? (mou okimari desuka?)"
or "もうお決めになられましたか? (mou okime ni nararemasita-ka?)".

Basically, -か is used not only for "question" but also for "emphasis".
In this case, the emphasis is strong and "の(no)" can be substituted.
Conversely, いい加減(もう) can be used as the same meaning even if か is omitted.
- 決まった?
- もう決まった?
- もう決まったの?
- もう決まったか?
- もう決まったのか? meanings are all same,
but in some cases, it does not mean a strong tone, but an emotion of "anger".
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Re: Explain this phrase 2019/11/6 17:16
It is the real example.
A friend of mine wants to get married and am seeing a person with a view to marriage, but he can't decide indecisively easily.
He explains the reason that he can't get married as well as the strong point of the lady who associated, but every time I have a frustration hearing his talk.
I said "いい加減にしろ" means "you had better decide by and by, if not just times goes by,
you have not much room where decision is put off. Don't live irresponsibly".
It is intresting the direct translation is "be irresponsibly" but meaning is "Don't be irresponsibly".

Probably it comes from "be irresponsibly so you will become unluck (so take care)".
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