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Public transport on Izu Peninsula advice 2019/10/20 16:01
I am visiting the Izu Peninsula in early January next year. At the moment my plan is as follows:

Jan. 2: Travel from Kyoto to Mishima by shinkansen. Visit Mishima Skywalk. Take train to Shuzenji Station and then bus to Shuzenji Onsen. If there is time and the weather is clear, travel by bus to Daruyama for view of Mt. Fuji. Stay overnight in Shuzenji Onsen.

Jan. 3: Travel to Kawazu Nanadaru by bus. Hopefully store luggage at Tourist Information Centre while doing the hike. Travel by bus to Kawazu, then train to Ito. Stay overnight in Ito.

Jan. 4: Travel by bus to Jogasaki Coast to hike. Visit Mt. Omuro. Bus back to Ito for second overnight stay.

Jan. 5: Take train to Tokyo.

My major worry at the moment is how frequently the buses operate. I have looked at the Tokai bus website and managed to work out how to navigate the bus route search, but the timetables make it look as though there will only be one bus per hour for most of the places I wish to travel. Here are the routes I am most concerned about:

- Shuzenji Onsen to and from Daruyama
- Shuzenji Onsen to Kawazu Nanadaru
- Around Kawazu Falls - likely place for luggage storage is the Nanadaru Visitors Centre (does anyone know if they store luggage?), and then I would take the bus from there to the Mizutare bus stop to hike back to the Visitors Centre
- Kawazu Nanadaru to Kawazu

How often do the buses run along these routes? If I wish to follow the itinerary above, is it worth renting a car instead, given the extra cost? I intend to purchase the Izu Dream Pass (Wasabiji version, 3900 yen) for use during Jan. 3-4, and have looked into car rental - approx. 12,650 yen not including tolls, petrol or parking prices. I have never driven in Japan, but am from a country that drives on the left-hand side.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Public transport on Izu Peninsula advice 2019/10/21 06:31
If I were you with your plans, I'd rent the car - it is so much more convenient, and you are not a slave to infrequent bus schedules.
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Re: Public transport on Izu Peninsula advice 2019/10/21 08:55
I would agree that a rental car for your plans on Izu peninsula sounds a better choice.
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