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Male first name meaning worthy, deserving 2019/10/21 10:03
Hi. My name is shayan which means worthy, deserving in English. I wonder if there is any Japanese Male first name that has the same meaning as worthy, deserving.
I prefer if its not very uncommon and selfmade name and has atleast 5 letters in romaji so I can use it in usernames.
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Re: Male first name meaning worthy, deserving 2019/10/23 05:10
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Re: Male first name meaning worthy, deserving 2019/10/25 12:37
Well, it seems to me that among Japanese ordinary male names, names which begin with Taka- have something similar to English worthy, deserving; this Taka- is followed ordinarily with -o or -shi, hence Takao and Takashi are the ususal names among others.

The kanjis adapted to this sound Taka is usually ‹M/‘μ/’; however, these kanjis are rarely used independently when the names are Takao; Takao is usually formed as composed kanji names with another kanji which sounds as -o.
Takao@‹M/‘μ/’ (-—Y/-•v/-’j/-˜Y)@ ex. ‹M—Y^‘μ—Y^’’j and so on.

In the case of Takashi, these independent single kanjis can be used themselves as Takashi; nevertheless, they, too, are often compounded with other kanjis whose sound is -shi.
‹M/‘μ/’/‘Έ/i-Žu/-Žm/-Žjjex. FŽu^‘μŽm^‘ΈŽj
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