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Happo-one vs nozawa onsen? 2019/10/22 10:09
It's my family's 1st time to experience snow and I would like to know which is better for a family with a 9-yr old kid?

Flying in to Tokyo.
Flying out Osaka.

8 days

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Re: Happo-one vs nozawa onsen? 2019/10/27 14:56
Both of them are good ski area in Japan.
As Happo-one has downhill course at Nagano Winter Olympic , this place is very popular for experts.
Nozawa-onsen has "Nozawa onsen" around ski area, so you enjoy Japanese spa culture after ski.
I think both also have English ski lesson.

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Re: Happo-one vs nozawa onsen? 2019/10/28 10:18
Nozawa Onsen - There's a good ski area for beginners and ski schools at both but Nozawa Onsen is less busy and part of a Japanese village so the overall feel is very different.
Both will be easy to access from Tokyo - there is a shinkansen to Nagano and it connects to buses for both resort areas.
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