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Bus around Mt Fuji 5 Lakes 2019/10/23 01:54
We will be traveling to Mt Fuji this November, I am a bit confused of all the passport regarding the buses surrounding Mt Fuji Lakes. We want to see Lake Yamanaka, Lake Kawaguchi, Chureito Pagoda and Oshino Village.

I believe they have different buses that goes to each destinations I have specified. So I am torn if should I buy a Mt Fuji pass or a Fujisan Fujigoko passport. Or just pay cash on different buses. Which is more cheaper options for us? We will be staying only for 1 day anyway. I mean probably 7-8 hrs.

Also, my dilemma is buying a supplement ticket from Otsuki to Kwaguchiko if we are going to use the Fuji express or other train since from Otsuki to Kawaguchiki train is not available to JR pass holders.

Please enlighten me to what is the best option for us.
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Re: Bus around Mt Fuji 5 Lakes 2019/10/23 09:10
For your train option, please consult the JREast pages for the status of the Chuo Main Line - it appears as if they will have some trains operating, but the express trains are suspended until at least November.
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