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Timetables for summer festivals 2019/10/25 02:33

I'm planning on booking hotels around the Cities of Aomori, Nagaoka, and Kumano during their summer festivals next year. However, I need a separate plan if all these hotels book out. In this case, I may have to book hotels outside these cities. Are there any timetables for these cities and their corresponding festivals? Specifically, do trains operate after the end of these festivals? These festivals typically end past the final train services. The Aomori Nebuta Matsuri event I am going to is August 3 2020, Nagaoka Hanabi Matsuri is August 4, 2020 (Yes, I know the distance gap), and the Kumano Hanabi Matsuri is on August 17.

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Re: Timetables for summer festivals 2019/10/25 12:26
Regarding Aomori from my experience in 2017 there was no late train. We had to leave a little bit earlier than the end of the festival. The train to shin aomori was very crowded and train staff encoraged People to catch the train. In our case we stayed in Morioka. The festival was great and we enjoyed very much.
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Re: Timetables for summer festivals 2019/10/25 15:58
If you are looking now for accommodation it might be simply too early. So that might be the reason why you donft find any accommodation in those places. Try about 6 months prior to your planned stay.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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