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Issues with transportation and sightseeing 2019/10/26 14:56
Hi there,

We are visiting Japan during last week of November. including Hakone, Kawaguchiko and Kamakura. Considering the recent typhoon, can we expect any interruptions in the usual transports in these areas? Please advice so that we can alter our itinerary accordingly.

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Re: Issues with transportation and sightseeing 2019/10/26 18:11
The situation in Fujigoko and Kamakura has fully normalized. There are still some road closures in Hakone, but the situation has mostly normalized by now and will likely be even more normal by the end of November.

The latest updates can be found here:

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Requirement of Suica or POSMO card 2019/11/2 20:03
We will be travelling with JR pass, city metro passes for Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka plus Hakone pass/ Fuji bus pass etc. Will it still benefit carrying SUICA/POSMO card.

Kunvar Harsh
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Re: Issues with transportation and sightseeing 2019/11/2 22:26
This depends on your actual itinerary. Even the passes you already plan to buy, may not pay off if you don't do enough travel on those passes.

Pasmo/Suica and similar other IC cards are not a pass, but simply a more convenient method to pay for you train/bus... trips. Instead of buying a ticket for each ride, you just pass the card by a scanner when you go in & out and it takes the money from the card. You can also use it is some stores and restaurants for payment. But it doesn't give you any discount (or only in the 1 yen range).

So if you plan to use transport that is not covered by any of the passes you plan to buy, a pasmo/suica may be useful.
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