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Minami-senju at night 2019/10/27 02:33
Hi, I booked a room in a hostel ( &AND Hostel Minami-senju) which is according to Google Maps and CityMapper apps, only 4 minutes walk from the South Exit of Hibiya Line in Minami-senju subway station.

My question is, does South Exit has an escalator/elevator?

Is it also safe to walk at around 10 PM from the subway station going to my hostel which is 4 minutes away?

Ifm kind of worried about the area...
by Peter888  

Re: Minami-senju at night 2019/10/27 12:03

Here's a map - it looks like there is an elevator on the north side....

There are other train lines in that station, so you could look at those maps as well....
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Re: Minami-senju at night 2019/10/27 16:07
I have stayed in the area, and used Minami-Senju Station many times, day and night. You are perfectly safe, just like any other station area. Use your common sense as always though, of course.
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Re: Minami-senju at night 2019/10/27 19:09
I have also stayed in Minami-Senju quite often, at a hotel that is quite a bit further away from the station. The area is fine, I have never felt in any way uneasy there.
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