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Bento box shops in JR Mishima Station 2019/10/29 07:42
Hi all!

Just wondering for those of you who has stopped in Mishima station before, are there any bento box shops in the station? if there are, are the selections any good like the one in, let's say, Shinjuku station?

Reason is me and my partner are going to Kawaguchiko the day before, then we will travel to Kyoto. I think the closest JR station from Kawaguchiko is in Mishima, so we will use bus to go there and take shinkansen to Kyoto.

However, we don't want to miss the fun getting all of those interesting and fancy bento boxes :) If there are not many selections, might as well travel back to Tokyo and travel to Kyoto from there, though it will cost more but we don't want to miss it!

Thanks heaps guys!!
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Re: Bento box shops in JR Mishima Station 2019/10/29 14:08
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