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Exterior Noren questions 2019/10/29 09:04
Hi. I am thinking of putting some noren up outside my front door. I will explain why below if you are interested. Anyway, there are a few questions:
1. does anyone know where good quality noren for external use can be sourced and bought over the internet?
2. these will get the sun for a few hours a day - is anyone aware of what fabric would be best? A strong hemp would be my preference.

OK, well the reason that I want them is that we have an area under roof but outside of the front door maybe 3m X 2m. We cant have a screen for the front door, so when it is open flies will come in but also we have large parrots and while we are very careful with them and keep them in an enclosed area at the other side of the house, they do fly in and out of the house sometimes and I have a concern that someone might leave the front door open and the bird goes out by mistake. Noren would potentially help with both issues, also block a bit of sun but generally translucent.
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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/10/30 14:07
Are you talking about traditional Noren?
I do not think they will stop insects from entering.

What you need maybe are Horren to prevent insects from coming in.
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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/11/1 13:56
I agree with the other poster, and noren is generally not translucent. That said, you can easily make your own noren in any form and size you want, as long as you have a stick and some fabric.

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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/11/2 09:28
Hi, yeah thanks I actually meant Noren and I appreciate they wont be insect proof. But I am thinking that the sun might knock them around too much so I will check them out when I am next in Japan. They use them quite a bit in Kyoto and the sun is pretty vicious there, so there must be a fabric that weathers it.

Yes I did think about making them too but it depends on the pattern on the fabric. I could get some normally used for shops, but I dont necessarily want "Pork Ramen" in japanese hanging outside my front door.
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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/11/3 20:51
People typically make their own noren by using pieces of tenugui, yukata fabric or used yukata. You can also just go to a fabric store and have some Western fabric cut for your needs. Curtain cloth can also be a nice option.

Tenugui is very trendy in Japan now, and you can find them at almost any shop that sells anything Japan-themed. Tokyu Hands is an easy place to spot them, and they also sell sticks and display samples so that you could make your own noren.

Actually, I've looked around for noren for a foreign friend before, but they weren't actually easy to find. We found one at a department store, but they only had one item that suited the buyer's size preference. Noren as an exterior is typically used as a shop curtain, and the shops tend to custom order their original design.

For purposes like yours, a local would rather typically use sudare or yoshizu instead of a noren. Both sudare and yoshizu are available at "home center"s.

Meanwhile, here is a couple of noren shops I found from a very quick Google search.
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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/11/5 17:12
I checked whether there were such Nore by which we can avoid the birds.
I could find out the following site, there was written that birds dislike the shining strings.

There is a string type Noren called Himo-Noren (string noren).

It might be one way to make such string Noren using shining strings, I don't know it is useful or not.
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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/11/12 13:36
How about the screen door (玄関用網戸) for the entrance?
This does not contain insects and can be easily installed on the front door.
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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/11/12 13:40
I'm sorry, there was a mistake in my English.
I wanted to write "This will block insects from entering the room."
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Re: Exterior Noren questions 2019/11/17 15:59
I'm sorry I hadnt checked this thread for a week and I see that there have been some very valuable suggestions. I'll check it all out, but in the meantime I have decided to put a screen door in as well which involves lots of other things - taking up existing pavers and then putting in a drain, having a nice timber deck put down, then getting the doors made.

It will be awesome when it finishes but it is one of those things that has become very big, even though it all started with "it would be handy to have a blind of some sort in front of the front door to stop Parker from flying out if we forget to close it". If you are wondering why we are so attached, here is Parker's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ParkerTheEclectus/
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