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Tokyo-Shirakawago-Osaka trip 2019/10/30 10:55
What is the best JR pass for tokyo-shirakawago-osaka trip? Is it the nationwide jr pass or combination of takayama-Hokuriku tourist pass and the jr tokyo pass?
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Re: Tokyo-Shirakawago-Osaka trip 2019/10/30 13:10
Really, without knowing your entire plans, it's impossible to say. It could be that no pass at all pays off for you. Do you want to see Kanazawa as well?
Shirakawago has no rail access, and the full JR Pass does not cover the (rather pricey) buses going there.

The Takayama-Hokuriku Tourist Pass does cover the buses, but then you'd likely have to pay for a regular ticket to get to Nagoya. Plus you'd have to go through Kanazawa and Fukui to get to Kansai.
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