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Luggage forwarding question 2019/10/30 17:17
I've used the luggage forwarding service between hotels before, but I've only sent my suitcase to a different city. This time, I'll leave Tokyo on a Tuesday morning and would like to send my suitcase along to a different hotel in Tokyo to be collected on the Friday when I check in so I can travel without it in Kanazawa/Matsumoto. Would there be any problems with this? Would it be too much to assume my second hotel might hold it for that long, or could I specify the delivery date with the luggage forwarding company who would hold it? Just wondering if this is a okay thing to do, as I don't want to have a big "where do I leave my suitcase" panic on the morning of check out. Thanks a lot!
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Re: Luggage forwarding question 2019/10/31 11:08
In my personal experience - hotels in Japan are usually very accommodating in terms of luggage storage. I once left mine in a hotel in Kyoto for a week. I also recently left a luggage in a Tokyo hostel for three days even though I was not going to check back into that hotel when I got back. If the first hotel does not work, you can also always ask the second hotel if they would accept your luggage early.
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Re: Luggage forwarding question 2019/10/31 12:38
Luggage deliveries can normally have a delivery date set 7 days in the future, so you should be fine to put the date you expect to check into the second hotel on the delivery form.
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Re: Luggage forwarding question 2019/10/31 14:35
The good news is that you have two options:
1) luggage delivery company can hold it for up to a week. So you can choose an appropriate delivery date
2) you can ask the hotel if they would accept it earlier.

Just to add to the PPs experience: I left last week a small luggage at my Tokyo hotel for a total of 3 weeks. But I am a good guest for them staying a total of over 4 weeks with them. So they were happy to accept.
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Re: Luggage forwarding question 2019/10/31 15:38
I have personally used Kuroneko Yamato to send my luggage from one Hiroshima to another branch of the same hotel less than 2 miles away while I spent two nights in Onomichi. There is no problem.
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