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Cost of a translator for a meeting 2019/10/31 16:51

A friend of mine has a company and want to introduce his company services to a Japanese potential customer. The problem is, that the customer responded to their email when scheduling a meeting, that they would like to hear the presentation in Japanese language. However, no one in the company can speak good enough Japanese and also probably a normal person would have problems to translate during a meeting even when speaking both languages if not trained in doing translation work.

So, does anyone know which company offers professional translation where a translator would be also available to join a meeting? To make matters worse the customer is sitting in the countryside, so going there also takes time from the bigger cities. If someone also know the rough costs (I would imagine you have to pay by the hour including transportation times), I would also appreciate this information.
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Re: Cost of a translator for a meeting 2019/10/31 19:05
Where in the Japanese countryside is this meeting going to take place? Knowing that will help as it's not helpful suggesting an interpreter living in Kagoshima if the meeting is in Hirosaki.
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Re: Cost of a translator for a meeting 2019/10/31 23:43
I have used Honyaku Center in the past for simultaneous translations:

I don't know how much experience you have with simultaneous translations, but even with the best simultaneous translators, it is never the same as a presentation as such. If at all possible, I would do sequential interpretation (I think that's how it is called). I.e. the presenter speaks in English, then stops and the interpreters interprets. Quality should be a bit better. While simultaneous translation is when the presenter speaks and the interpreter simultaneous interprets while listening.

Interpretation services are normally quite expensive and some installation might be needed (e.g. translator booth). But maybe with sequential interpretation no booth is needed. Honyaku center will be able to tell you. You should probably also count on needing two interpreters, as they normally work for about 10 min and then change to the second person, at least that's how it works with simultaneous translation. So it could be quite some investment to have the presentation in Japanese interpreted. You should also have a meeting with the interpreters before and explain them the content of your presentation.

Best of luck!
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Re: Cost of a translator for a meeting 2019/11/1 01:45
Not all translators are the same, so hire one that is familiar with your industry/subject matter.

I used to be a translator in automobile and aerospace industry, but I would not be much good in agriculture or medical industry, for example.
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Re: Cost of a translator for a meeting 2019/11/4 05:40
Are there cheap options?
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Re: Cost of a translator for a meeting 2019/11/4 16:08
Contact interpretersf agency such as Honyaku Center (mentioned earlier) or Simul International (both companies have offices in Tokyo and Osaka). Tell them what you need.
Interpreters come in different levels depending on their experiences/skill level, which the agencies are aware of. Also you need to specify what industry it is, so that the agency will be able to find someone experienced in that field. You are well advised to send the presentation material ahead of the meeting(s) so that the agency can send it onto the individual interpreter(s) for them to study in advance.

For a business meeting for company introduction, I would suggest consecutive (sequential) interpreting, where the interpreter would sit next/close to the speaker, and speaker will stop and pause after every few sentences for the interpreter. This will of course double the time needed to get the same contents across, but the audience will have time to gdigesth the contents, so to say. (This would require no booth/installation needed for simultaneous interpreting.)

The way Japanese – English interpreters usually work, if done consecutively:
1 interpreter can cover up to 3 – 4 hours' of meeting (either morning or afternoon).
2 interpreters needed for a meeting that goes over 4 hours up to a full day (8-hour day, with 1 hour break). They usually take 20 – 30 minutesf turn while working in a pair.

The fees/rates come in half-day rates (up to 3 – 4 hours) and full-day rates (8-hour day, 7-hours work). The rates vary depending on the experience/skill levels.

When out-of-town traveling is involved, there will be overtime hours that need to be paid, also transportation expenses need to be covered.
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Re: Cost of a translator for a meeting 2019/11/4 16:13
OK, I am not particularly recommending this one, but it is one of the companies I am registered with, and is one of the largest interpreter agencies in Japan. See the fee structure for Class G, half day, for example. Plus travel time/expenses.

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