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Unpenji Temple Number 66 2019/11/2 21:30
Hi I am planning a day trip from takamatsu on the 12 Dec to Unpenji Temple Number 66 which i guess it is near iya valley.

from i google, i got the web site here >

May i ask , from the web site, it open on the 12 dec? can anyone been here advise whether will it snow during this period and will the Unbeji Ropeway at Sanroku Station still open on 12 Dec?
from i google, it was told it is one of the difficult accessible temple in Japan. So will i be able to get there bu going to Sanroku Station and take on the Unbeji Ropeway to reach there?

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Re: Unpenji Temple Number 66 2019/11/3 16:55
Unpenji is one of Kagawa's hidden gems. But it's not the Iya Valley. It's very inconvenient to get to if you are not renting a car. There is no rail access, so the only other way is by an expensive taxi, or by bus and then about a half hour walk to the ropeway (if you drive, you can skip the pricey ropeway (2600 yen round trip), but it is scenic. There are about 4 buses a day leaving from Kanonji Station (Line #4, ܋), but the only ones that really work as far as seeing Unpenji are the first 2. The bus takes 30 minutes or so. There is no bus stop for Unpenji, but you board the bus heading for the Kyoiku Ctr, and along the way if you tell the driver, he can stop the bus for you where you need to start walking.
The most recent info, which you should check, is on
On the way back, if returning the same way, go to where the bus dropped you off, go to the other side of the street, and when the bus comes, hold out your hand and he should stop. Then tell the driver you want to go to Kanonji-eki (Kanonji Stn).
Honestly though, if you're up for it and can afford it, renting a car makes a lot more sense. Otherwise, seeing Unpenji alone could eat up most of the day.
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Re: Unpenji Temple Number 66 2019/11/3 23:47
yes Ken i am planning for a self drive day trip from Takamatsu to Unpenji Temple.

if my interpretation is correct, i need to drive to Unbeji Ropeway Sanroku Station which the address is

778-5251 ODsrcn763-2 (this address correct?)

from here i can take the Unbeji Ropeway to access to the temple?

from google map, the drive from Takamatsu with take around 2 hours. i plan to start at 730am, so is it possible for a day trip and making my way back to takamatsu , say by evening 5 pm?

12 dec is the day , i guess it will not snow right?

Thanks : )
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Re: Unpenji Temple Number 66 2019/11/4 05:18
The address you're giving is for the temple itself, or if you are driving, the parking lot is as far as you'll get. But if going by car, the address is not really needed if you are using a car navi system - just plug in the phone number and the system will show you the route. The temple phone number is (0877) 56-5688.

But then you mention you want to go to the ropeway entrance - that is different. The ropeway phone number is 0875-54-4968. I am not sure where you're getting info that says driving from Takamatsu takes 2 hours - you should be able to get to the ropeway parking lot in about 75 minutes, or about an hour if you want to pay for the expressway. As I mentioned though, you can drive right up to the temple and not use the ropeway if you don't want to. In that case, driving will take about 90 minutes. Either way, it should not take the whole day to see the place. You could possibly add a few other places nearby if you wanted.
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Re: Unpenji Temple Number 66 2019/11/4 14:45
Hi Ken, i use google map and base on my hotel - Takamatsu Kokusai Hotel to get to 0875-54-4968, is about 1.5 hours and i round up to 2 hours with consideration of unfamiliar roads.

I was think of adding iya valley which from google map is like anther hour drive from the temple rode station. If i want to miss the Iya-no_Kazurabashi Bridge in iya valley, any recommended nearby places to visit to finish a day of tour?

The rental company has replied me that they don't provide snow tyres but was told there is a very low chance of snow in my date of visit, ie 12 dec.

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Re: Unpenji Temple Number 66 2019/11/5 06:58
I am not sure how you are calculating it, but on Google Maps I get 1 hour to get there if you use the expressway (from your hotel this time, before I just chose Takamatsu Stn), and about 90 minutes by regular roads. See for yourself:
I sorely doubt snow is a concern - mid-December there is still some of autumn left. Mid-January or February is when you'd usually have snow at higher elevations.
There is nothing overwhelmingly amazing near Unpenji, but there are a few scenic places. Try the Shikinoue Bridge with a nice view (on the south side of the approach to Unpenji), or some other scenic places along the Yoshino River. Or, if you want to return the other way on the north side, there is the Daikoji Temple (#67 on the pilgrimage trail). And if you don't mind the distance, there are some excellent coastal views, like Mt Shiude on the Shonai Hanto, or Marugame is famous for its castle.
And if you haven't seen it yet, absolutely make time to see the Ritsurin Garden.
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