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Does S7 work with Japan SIM card? 2019/11/2 22:00
I can't find any concrete info on this on the web.

I have a unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 (model SM-G930F) from the UK.

Was planning on getting SIM card via Japan Experience, but this model is not listed on the compatible list: https://t.iijmio.jp/en/dv/.

Based of the below websites it appears to be compatible since it has LTE B1 (2100):


https://willmyphonework.net/ (select SM-G930F, Japan, Japan Travel SIM)

PLEASE HELP! I can also consider pocket wifi but it's a lot more expensive (£76 vs £30 for SIM card)
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Re: Does S7 work with Japan SIM card? 2019/11/4 00:20
I think your device follows Japanese frequency.
Your device works with docomo network SIM card.

I heard that the Samsung device has a region lock.
Please make sure the region lock or not.

I recommend you to rent a SIM card or pocket wifi if you worry about settings of SIM.
There are some services that will give you a refund if you can not use their services.


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Re: Does S7 work with Japan SIM card? 2019/11/12 08:17
The list referenced in the first link was pretty restrictive as it was those "tested". I've been using my S3 for years and my staff have used S5 and S6 models without issues.
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Re: Does S7 work with Japan SIM card? 2019/11/12 12:13
Region locked phones are unlocked after using local sim card. Internet has many information about this.
The issue is if the phone will work with the current technology which is being used in Japan.

Comparing american information is not working since the phone is UK based.

It seems it is working with the 2100mhz UMTS system.
Of course you need to check with the provider for which you want to get a sim card.
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