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Narita Airport to Cookies house at Shinjuku 2019/11/3 00:07
Hello friends,

Can someone advise me the best way to travel from Narita Airport to Cookies house at Shinjuku-ku Okubo 1-4-20 Mishimaya building Japan? This is my first time to Tokyo with my family, in total we have 4 persons. I do not know what will be the best way for first timer like me to travel from airport to the hotel, cookies house. I worry if i will get lost and would like to know the best way if someone can give me some recommendations. Do you think i should take Limousine bus? Thank you so much for your advice in advance.
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Re: Narita Airport to Cookies house at Shinjuku 2019/11/3 14:06
Do you mean this place?

If not I am not sure where exactly you mean.

There are no direct limo buses to there since it appears to be an AirBnB/personal rental, the nearest one would probably be Shinjuku Station.

If it were me, I would probably take the Keisi line to Nippori and transfer there for a Yamanote line to Shin-Okubo and walk from Shin-Okubo. Shin-Okubo and Higashi-Shinjuku appear to be the closest stations. You could also take a taxi from Shin-Okubo. It should be a lot of money since it is not terribly far about 5 minutes by car.

Someone on TripAdvisor recommended the following to get to Higashi-Shinjuku specifically and I quote:
Take the Skyliner to Keisei Ueno Station. Exit on the east side of the station and start walking south on Chuo Dori. Here is a view of what it looks like from the south along Chuo Dori: http://tinyurl.com/638459

Walk south on Chuo Dori (as you exit the station turn right and walk 300 meters until you see the Matsuzakaya Department Store on the opposite side of Chuo Dori. See: http://tinyurl.com/6mxna6

There will be subway entrances at this intersection of Chuo Dori and Kasuga Dori. You will be at the corner where this department store is located so it's almost impossible to get lost. Ueno-Okachimachi Station on the Oedo Line is right below your feet when you're at this intersection. (end quote)

You could also take the NEX or a Limo bus to Shinjuku and from there I would take a cab. You can use Google Maps once you get to Shinjuku, but I think even with it, it is easy to get turned around and I think taking a cab would make the most sense especially for 4 people.

Good luck!
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Re: Narita Airport to Cookies house at Shinjuku 2019/11/3 17:21
for first timer like me to travel from airport to the hotel

That seems not to be a hotel.
It may be an apartment house provided by a private lodging [minpaku] service.
You had better check whether it surely shroud be available for that night.
(Minpaku lodging is restricted by law to be up to 180 days in a year.)

Which way to travel is better depends on persons and situations.

For travelers without difficulty in walking,
as long as you can avoid weekdays' morning and evening rushes
(in railway stations and trains),
the following route sounds simple and relatively easy to go.

Narita Airport
(Terminal 1, 2 or 3) bus stop
| The Access Narita bus
Ginza Station bus stop
| Short walking
Ginza Station (M-16) (#1) : Track 3
| Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
(M-09) Shinjuku-sanchome Station (F-13): Track 4
| Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
(F-12) Higashi-shinjuku Station (#2)
| Short walking
Mishimaya Building
(1-4-20 Ōkubo, Shinjuku City, Tokyo Metropolis, 169-0072 Japan).

- Tokyo Subway Route Map

Just near the Access Narita bus stop
is the elevator for the Marunouchi Line.
Ginza Station (M-16)
: Entrance on the ground (between C5 and C7)
{Elevator down}
Concourse on B1F -->> Gate -->>
{Escalator down}
Platform on B2F.

(F-12) Higashi-shinjuku Station
: Platform on B6F {Elevator up}
Concourse on B4F -->> Gate -->> {Escalator up}
Pathway on B1F {Elevator up}
Exit on the ground.
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Re: Narita Airport to Cookies house at Shinjuku 2019/11/3 18:37
Since the OP states it is 1-4-20, it should be Cookie House M. There is other Cookie house nearby suggested by rkold, so the OP should confirm which would be the place.


And there are many ways to go as written by omotenashi. Why not ask the owner of the apartment?
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Re: Narita Airport to Cookies house at Shinjuku 2019/11/4 19:15
Thank you everyone for your advice and comments.
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