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What goods/services would you have liked? 2019/11/3 08:57

I plan to go to Japan next year and I was wondering something ...
As tourists or foreign residents in Japan, when you arrived did you need any specific goods or services (a Englsih-speaking guide agency or others ....)?
Or a situation that made you think "ah it's a pity that this kind of thing / service does not exist ..."?

Thank you for your help,

by Paolo (guest)  

Re: What goods/services would you have liked? 2019/11/3 15:48
When I first came to Japan for study, Then I get help from this website.
Because this web has vast amount of knowledge about Japan, its Land
Its people, its culture ,rail pass etc.Then I got help from my Japanese friend, how to open bank account, where is super market even how to get part time job, how and from where to buy lottery,how to travel cheaply whole of Japan. And I got those help free of charge.
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