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Sim card 2019/11/4 06:05
I'm going to Japan this week . I've already WiFi pocket, If I bought SIM CARD will gonna work in my WiFi pocket? for using WiFi only.

Thank you
by MaythamZ  

Re: Sim card 2019/11/5 07:18
Hi MaythamZ. I'm a Japanese working in Tokyo for over a decade.
Let me answer to your question.

>If I bought SIM CARD will gonna work in my WiFi pocket?

Technically, yes. But you should confirm the compativility between;

1. The SIM card and you WiFi pocket router.
2. Your devices and frequeincies in Japan.

I assume that you've already known it, so let me put these info just for references.

Available frequeincies in Japan.
4G: Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz) / Band 21 (1500MHz) / Band 3 (1800MHz, Only some areas)
3G: Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz)

You may able to check your phone's spec (incl. which bands your phone supports) at: https://www.gsmarena.com/

Lastly, if you haven't have bought a SIM card.

A Carefully Selected List of Prepaid SIM Cards Available in Japan

Hope they can help you.
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