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Visiting Japan after divorce 2019/11/5 19:01

I was living in Japan with my ex-Japanese wife. Unfortunately my ex-wife suffered from mental health issues, which put a huge strain on our marriage. She eventually had a nervous breakdown and had to stop working.

After 2 years together, we both agreed it was best to divorce. I am still on good terms with her and she is receiving treatment.

After our divorce was finalised, I was given 6 months to leave Japan or switch to another visa - I left after just 2 months and gave up my residence card at the airport.

I never thought I would ever return to Japan, but my ex-wife is asking me to visit her and her family (her treatment is coming along well and she is in a much healthier frame of mind). I am still on very good terms with her family.

Are you able to re-enter Japan on a temporary visitor-visa after being on a Spouse Visa? Would it raise any questions? Such as, why would someone wish to come back to a country where he ended up getting divorced?

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Re: Visiting Japan after divorce 2019/11/6 07:01
Unless you committed a crime or were otherwise deported, you are always welcomed as a tourist.
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Re: Visiting Japan after divorce 2019/11/6 08:04
Yes, obviously you can visit Japan again. However the travel visa policies for your country apply. So depending on your nationality you might need to apply for a tourist visa.
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Re: Visiting Japan after divorce 2019/11/6 09:07
This should be no problem. If your from a country which has a visa on demand (US, Canada, Australia, Korea, Western Europe etc), then it might help to have a printed copy of your return flight just in case there are any problems going through immigrations - which will probably not be a problem.
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