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Kiso Valley by Bus 2019/11/5 23:27
Hello, Ifm going to be going to the cities of Tsumago and Magome in five months and I was wondering if the bus services going from Nagiso to Tsumago, Tsumago to Magome and Magome to Nakatsugawa offered english services (staff, destination, signalling) and I was also wondering where they stopped in the cities.

Thank you!
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Re: Kiso Valley by Bus 2019/11/6 06:50
No, you should not expect any English services. The buses seem to have some English on their sign, though:

The timetables are here:
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Re: Kiso Valley by Bus 2019/11/6 12:10
There is no English available once on the bus, but it's fairly clear when Magome and Tsumago have been reached . Just listen for the stop announcement and get off when you hear the right name (and probably where a lot of other tourists get off!). There is a tourist information office in Nagiso which has some English pamphlets.
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Re: Kiso Valley by Bus 2019/11/6 15:55
Let's also be clear that neither Magome or Tsumago are cities. The are both small villages so it is fairly obvious when you have arrived there.
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