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Driving in Karatsu 2019/11/6 10:57

I am renting a car for one full day while in Karatsu.
My aim is to visit Yobuko Morning Market, Kagamiyama, Yutoku Inari Shrine and Mikaeri Waterfall.

I would appreciate any advise as to in which sequence I should visit the above places after Yobuko Morning Market, so that I don't end up going back and forth.

Please do let me know if you think I can squeeze in one or two more worthwhile places to visit.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Driving in Karatsu 2019/11/7 10:34
If you have time see the castle. It isnt original but it is pretty and there are nice views from it.
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Re: Driving in Karatsu 2019/11/8 04:02
None of the places you mention except for Yutoku Inari is actually far away, so the order is not critical. But while you mention where you are starting, you don't mention where you want to end up. Karatsu Castle has its charm and worth seeing if you can fit it in, and Kagamiyama is not far from there at all. You should be able to get from central Karatsu to Mikaeri in less than 30 minutes.
None of the places you mention should take long to see either, except again, Yutoku Inari, where you could spend 1-2 hours there depending on if you want to go up to the summit.

Another very good candidate if you can fit it in, not far from Yutoku Inari is the Arita Porecelain Park. It's like leaving Japan and suddenly stepping into Germany. It's just a bit SE of Arita Stn.

Assuming you want to end up in central Karatsu where you are renting the car, you can go to Yobuko, the castle if you wish, Kagamiyama, Mikaeri, Yutoku Inari, and if you wish and have time, the Arita Porecelain Park. Alternatively, depending on if you want to make a full day of it, and the time the car rental office closes, you might want to make Kagamiyama last to catch the sunset there, which if the weather is good should be spectacular.
And while it's doubtful you can fit it in, about 30 minutes from central Karatsu is Hamanoura, which has some terrific sunsets over the terraced rice fields. Summertime would be the ideal time to see it all though.
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Re: Driving in Karatsu 2019/11/9 19:53
Hi Ken (& Lazy Pious)

Thanks so much for the details.

You guessed pretty much correctly. I'll be ending back in Karatsu for the night. Hamanoura sounds amazing. I may shift Kagamiyama to the day before where I plan to visit Karatsu Castle and roam around town. XD
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Re: Driving in Karatsu 2019/11/9 20:46
Based on the places on your initial plan there will inevitably be some driving back and forth as Yobuko Morning Market is on the other direction of Karatsu to the other listed sites. Below is a rough route search based on a loop drive: Karatsu – Yobuko Morning Market – Yutoku Inari Shrine – Mikaeri Waterfall – Kagamiyama – Karatsu


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Re: Driving in Karatsu 2019/11/10 12:25
Between Yobuko and Hamanoura fields is the Nagoya Castle Museum and the Castle ruins themselves. Might be worth a stop if you're interested in the history of the late 1500s.

There are also the old eroded sea caves along the coast at Nanatsugama.

I think the Karatsu page here lists them all.

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Re: Driving in Karatsu 2019/11/11 22:05
Thank you, William5 & Anaguma, for responding.

Hi William5
It completely slipped my mind that I can use Google maps to plot my route. :P
Thank you once again!!

Hi Anaguma
Yes, Nanatsugama is part of my itinerary since departure should be pretty near Yobuko Morning Market.
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