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JR East Tohoku Pass 2019/11/6 13:50
Hi, I would like to find out whether the above mentioned PASS worth my trip to Jpn.
Ifm travelling to Tokyo , Akita and Aomori for about 9 days next month.
The JR East Tohoku Pass allows me to catch 5 rides on Shinkansen. I will begin using the Pass from Tokyo to Akita on my second day. And continue to take another Shinkansen from Akita to Aomori.
And my final Shinkansen journey will be returning back to Tokyo from Aomori.
Total 3 Shinkansen on my 9 days trip , does this JR East Tohoku Pass really pay off?
Would you suggest to purchase the tickets separately?
Other than Shinkansen, could I use the pass to get on Tokyo subway and other local transportations in Akita and Aomori?
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Re: JR East Tohoku Pass 2019/11/7 08:19
Yes! Get the JR East Pass. The trip from Tokyo to Akita by shinkansen is nearly the cost of the pass alone.

You can use the extra two days either on less costly trips within Tokyo or going to the airport, particularly if you were thinking about using a NEX.

Once you are doing a round trip to Sendai within 14 days, the pass pretty much pays for itself.

Good luck!
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Re: JR East Tohoku Pass 2019/11/7 08:26
Regarding your question if you can use it in other transport. Tokyo metro: no, private railways: no, JR trains within the validity region: yes. Ie you can use it on a lot more than only Shinkansen. As PP said you can use it on NEX. But you could use it also on local trains in Tohoku area.

Enjoy your trip to Tohoku!
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Re: JR East Tohoku Pass 2019/11/7 08:26
And no, the JR East Pass is not good on subways, please see here:

It will cover any local JR trains you want to take which can be helpful within Tokyo. I was only in Akita briefly so never used any transport inside of it and in Aomori I got everywhere I wanted to go via walking. I did take a covered JR Bus to Towadako and used cover JR and private line transport to get to the bus terminal for Osorezan.
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Re: JR East Tohoku Pass 2019/11/7 08:31
It can be used on some limited private lines, like the ones to Shimokita Station the closest rail station to Osorezan and will cover the Tokyo Monorail to Haneda. (I used it in just such a way in July 2019.) Overall, it is a great deal.
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