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Karuizawa day trip this Friday 2019/11/6 16:15
Hi there!

I posted the other day about choosing between Hakone or Nikko for a Tokyo day trip this Friday, but after seeing the report that Karuizawa is in peak color, I think we are considering going there. (https://www.japan-guide.com/blog/koyo19/191104_karuizawa.html)

We have a JR Pass to get us there, but I was curious what you all might recommend doing for a day there. We would like to do some hiking if possible. I read that you can take a bus from Karuizawa Station to Sengataki Onsen, where youfll find a 3km path to a stunning valley waterfall.

I've also read there are onsens? Any and all advice for a day trip would be valued. We will be using public transit only.

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Re: Karuizawa day trip this Friday 2019/11/7 13:17
Hi. This is only what I would do...

First, I'd get a taxi to Kumanokotai which is a temple maybe 5km out of town. Check it out, it's familiar is a 3 legged crow and that isnt something you see very often. Then go across the road and have the world's best dango. Then from there walk to the lookout and ooh and ahhh for a bit, then from the lookout walk along the trail back to town (see if you can get a map on your phone before you go as it does get confusing but then I'm always confused so maybe it was just me). The trail is part of the Nakasendo way but some turns arent marked or at least werent a few years ago.

You arrive in town at the top of the shopping street which is very pleasant in a trendy Japanese/western kind of way. As you come down there are heaps of great food options but I really liked the Neapolitan restaurant Leonida Napoli which had just spectacular food. Then you can go off and check out the other stuff, I think getting out to Shiraito falls would be nice this time of year (Bus leaves from train station), it also goes past Hotel Mikasa (sp?) which is pretty.
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Re: Karuizawa day trip this Friday 2019/11/7 20:08
Unfortunately, the path from the Usui Path Observation Platform that Lazy Pious is talking about is currently closed, perhaps because of damage from the recent typhoons. I'm not sure when they'll reopen, but there is currently ropes closing off the entrances to it. I didn't pay much attention to the signs though, since I didn't plan on doing the walk. But you can also walk up using regular roads, as I saw many people doing when I was there.

I assume the waterfall from Sengataki Onsen is, in fact, the Senga waterfall. I've never done the walk, but a quick google search shows it to be really beautiful. And since Sengataki Onsen is, in fact, an onsen, I'm sure you could enjoy a soak there! Hoshino Onsen is also very close by, and often has really nice colors this time of year as well.

You might consider Onioshidashi Park as well. It's not hiking trails but rather paved walking trails, however it's pretty interesting scenery. There's also a bus that goes there directly from NakaKaruizawa Station.
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