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Day in Osaka 2019/11/9 05:40
Hi Forum,

I am taking my Mother to Japan with me. She has a foot problem so she does not walk very fast. I am planning to take her to many places in Japan, but she has a few places she would like to see and one place she really wants to see the Aquarium in Osaka.

I have had people suggest that I should go to Japan Universal Studios after. I think this is because of location. We have been to the one in California (which my mom enjoyed), but I think our time is better spent on other places.

My question is what would be suggestions from other people on what they love in Osaka. My constraint is my mom can't be on her feet all day. So three locations tops.

Is Osaka Castle worth seeing? (I am taking her to Himeji Castle) Would the day be filled between Aquarium in the morning and Osaka Castle in the afternoon?

She loves tempura and gyoza. Is there somewhere in Osaka that is known for their Tempura?


8am Arrive in Shin Osaka Station
6pm Dinner
Travel back to Kyoto

Thank you for any help.

Just looking for people to share what they LOVE to do in Osaka.
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Re: Day in Osaka 2019/11/9 19:08
I strongly recommend you to visit osaka science museum. Entry fee 400 yen or annual fee 3000 yen.
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Re: Day in Osaka 2019/11/9 20:34
Osaka calle is nice to look at from the outside but o would not go inside. Itfs newly built and not very nicely built.

If you are in Osaka at the time of some Bunraku performances I would spend the afternoon there.

Now I have to admit that I still need to find interesting things to do in Osaka. I am not into shopping, and Dotonbori you also can do only once. So normally when I am in Osaka (several weeks every year, for work) I go to other places around Osaka for the weekend. But the one thing I really enjoyed in Osaka was Bunraku. But thatfs me 🙂

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Day in Osaka 2019/11/10 01:26
I am going to respectfully disagree with @LikeBike for this specific situation. If your mother has foot issues, Osaka Castle might be a great option because it's not authentic on the inside. I know if I were to ever take my mother to Japan, she couldn't handle all the walking and steps for Himeji, but she could definitely manage the elevator for Osaka Castle. Depending on your mother's physical shape you need to stop and be realistic about what she can accomplish.

I think the Osaka history museum is pretty well done. I went several years ago. I like USJ, but I also like rides. I've not been to the CA , but Japan's doesn't have the Studio Tour ride, just lots of single rides. It does have places to sit. Every time we've gone since it's been off-season the children's area has been very quiet and a great place to just sit. I honestly can't imagine trying to do USJ and the aquarium in one day since the lines at USJ get super long unless you have express passes or there are weather issues (and in the latter just getting to and from USJ becomes a horrific experience.)
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