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Is this realistic? 2019/11/9 13:40
Hi guys,
So I'm a first year university student in Australia who really wants to move to and live in japan with my pet cat once i finish my degree. (Its a bachelor of medical science majoring in pathology if that matters) I intend on graduating towards the end of 2021 or early 2022 and spending 2 years getting work experience, studying japanese and paying off my student loans. I want to then enroll in a 1 year course at a language school before getting a work visa and eventually becoming a japanese citizen.
I will also be visiting japan for a holiday at the end of 2020 and again in 2021 to make sure i like the country as much as i think i will

How much money should i save?
Is it true that there are extra fees when initially renting an apartment?
How early should i start the paperwork?
Can I bring my cat with me?
Is 2 years enough time to pay off my student loans ( I believe is should be around the 50/60 thousand AUD mark)
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Re: Is this realistic? 2019/11/9 18:08
The renting fees are too different from Australia, as they wont a certain amount of rent up front as a bond.

You' ll need more than 2 years to pay off 50-60K. Since you only 5% of your ta able income over 40K. Or you pay off extra ro your HECS debt if you like. But this is not Japan related.

You can import animals. Costly process with quanetine etc.
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Re: Is this realistic? 2019/11/9 19:17
How much money should I save......it depends on your life style.we two friend share an apartment,and pay 25000 yen each monthly.
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