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Stool softener? (constipation) 2019/11/9 22:38
I am looking for a stool softener containing docusate (ドクサート
or ジオクチルスルホサクシネート in Japanese). I do not want a laxative which forces you to poo, just something to soften stool.

I have tried コーラック2 which contains docusate, but also acts as a laxative by forcing you to poo.

Is there any OTC medicine that only softens stool (without creating an urge to poo)?
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Re: Stool softener? (constipation) 2019/11/10 08:28
What about dried sweet plums soaked in water?

You should be able to find them in bigger supermarkets or at shops like Kaldi. And they taste nice as well.
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Re: Stool softener? (constipation) 2019/11/10 08:57
酸化マグネシウム, magnesium oxide.
if it works well, you should go to medical doctor. prescription is cheaper.
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Re: Stool softener? (constipation) 2019/11/10 09:37
prunes definitely work for me but the effect isn't nearly as good as docusate. I tried a few weeks of prunes + lots of water and fiber and it reduced my time on the toilet by about half (2 hours a day instead of 4 hours a day).

However the effects of docusate were much more powerful in terms of stool softening.

I would like to avoid magnesium because it is dangerous to take long-term, while docusate can be taken safely long-term.
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Re: Stool softener? (constipation) 2019/11/11 14:55

Yes, dry prunes taste delicious and perform miracle. You ought to try!
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Re: Stool softener? (constipation) 2019/11/13 02:32
Does umeboshi, dried or cooked, help your stomach the same way as prunes?
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Re: Stool softener? (constipation) 2019/11/16 09:57
Have you ever used Metamucil, or Benefibre?. These are a soluble fibre that you make in to a drink, which expands and softens hard stools. You usually take a glass before retiring at night, which gives it time to pass through the system. It may take a glass or two through the following day for it to work through, if you have quite a problem.
Metamucil works on psyllium, and Benefibre uses wheat germ. Other brands are Miralax and Citrucel.
I'm sure at least one brand is available in Japan, as they are worldwide brands.
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