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Hotel Resol Nagoya 2019/11/12 13:29
Hi saw in one of the reviews that going to the hotel from nagoya station we need to pass thru steps/stairs is there any other way going there? Would be inconvenient to carry luggages.

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Re: Hotel Resol Nagoya 2019/11/12 16:45
Nagoya station has escalator and elevator from the platform going down.
If you come with the Shinkansen than you can use a slide which is next to the stairs.

If you come with JR local train than take the taikodori south exit which has a slide also. The main exit is stairs and no elevator.

If you have heavy suitcase just take a taxi from the hotel.
If you prefer walking just keep walking on the street level since the underground passage has stairs only to go up at the hotel location.
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Re: Hotel Resol Nagoya 2019/11/13 01:32
As the other poster suggested, the hotel entrance of Resol is on ground level, so you can avoid stairs and steps.

Perhaps the reason the reviewer mentions stairs is because the hotel suggests that you can easily get there by walking through the underground mall called Unimall. If you go through Unimall, you can avoid rain or any harsh weather, but you finally need to climb the stairs to use the exit closest to the hotel. (See map below)

Meanwhile, if you catch one of the many taxis at Nagoya Station Sakura-dori Exit on ground level, you can still avoid harsh weather while easily getting to the hotel by paying the cheapest taxi fare. And again, you can walk outdoors to the hotel instead.
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Re: Hotel Resol Nagoya 2019/11/13 05:52
Thank you
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