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biking through japan 2019/11/12 19:05
In a previous post of mine i got an answer from someone who had rode a bicycle across japan and i really wish to do the same.

I have lived in japan so i know of the hassle of buying a bike with all the registration needed but how do i get my hands on a bicycle as a tourist without a visa or anything else except my passport? can i even legally buy a bike then?
If i can buy one then where is the best place to get a cheap bike that hopefully will carry me 1000km+
what prices can i expect?
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Re: biking through japan 2019/11/13 13:38
The person with the bike tour might have been me.

I think it is totally legal to buy a bicycle in Japan without registering it. Itfs not like a car that gets a number plate. The registration is more for if it gets stolen. (Which to a certain extent is a problem in Japan, but more because drunken people take bicycles that arenft locked. Not really a big issue that well closed bicycles get stolen. May obviously happen, but isnft common. )

What bicycle to buy, frankly I would buy the bicycle in your home country before arriving to Japan. So you can speak with the bicycle shop exactly what you want. Unless obviously you have a very clear idea which bone you want (doesnft seem so) and know you can source it in Japan.

What bicycle to buy also depends on your cycling strengths, (eg eBike VS racing bike) , the route you plan to take (mountains, off road?, km/day) , if you plan to take it at least occasionally on public transport (then it must fit into a bicycle bag. Which essentially means a foldable or racing type if bicycle) , the amount of luggage youfll bring along (hotel vs camping)

Have you done or could you do some cycling trips (eg long weekend in your home country )first to get used to it? To know what you need to wear, to bring... ?

I canft help you on the selection of the bicycle. I am simply not an expert on that. But there are reviewers out there on the internet.

If you have any questions about cycling in Japan let me know.

You can check out the planning and practicalities section below. I show what I did bring for the trip (no camping, hotels only) and put together many places where I found information about cycling routes. I is am updating it (even old parts) is I find some new resources. Eg recently I found a lot of cycling suggestions in Kansai and have included these in a recent post.

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