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Access/Taxi Costs to Ibaraido Forest Park 2019/11/13 18:39
Dear Community,

as my daughter loves Sylvanian Families, we're planning to visit the Ibaraido Forest Park in Ibaraki for a day trip from Tokyo in late November.

There only seems to be a bus-shuttle service from the train station in Ushiku on weekends, which obviously would be the most convenient way to get there.
However we're not sure if we'll have time on a weekend, so I am looking for alternatives.
This is what I figured out:

- Trying to calculate taxi costs from Sanuki to the park (around 15km) I ended up at a little under 5000JPY one way, so 10.000JPY in total.
Are my calculations correct or am I getting something wrong?
(Costs according to = 90JPY/277m and 740JPY for the first 2km)
Also we'd need a child-seat which taxis usually do not provide, am I correct there?

- A one-day rental car from/to Ushiku with max insurance and child-seat would be around 6300JPY
(We recently rented a car in Hokkaido which went smoothly and was kind of fun, so I am not too concerned about this option)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Did I miss something?
Is the park worth the trip in November?

We're staying near Ikebukuro and are a party of two adults and a 4-year-old.
Maybe there are even fully organized bus-trips there from central tokyo? However, I could not find any.

Thank you very much, you're always a big help.

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Re: Access/Taxi Costs to Ibaraido Forest Park 2019/11/21 16:21
No ideas at all?

Could somebody at least confirm my taxi-cost-calculation is roughly correct?
-> Around 5000JPY for 15kilometers?

Are child-seats available on request? (4year-old)

Thank you very much!
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