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Understanding omikuji 2019/11/15 00:01
Hi everyone, I drew an omikuji from Kiyomizudeira shrine but I don't understand what it says despite running it through Google translate. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! https://imgur.com/zBI6rfC
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Re: Need help understanding omikuji 2019/11/16 22:03
That is g(Daikichi). It means a great fortune.
It is the best result in omikuji.
There are many joys and it is written that all your wishes will come true.
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Re: Understanding omikuji 2019/11/30 16:28
That is the news of the best fortuneiOmikujijhDAI-KICHIh

Kanji part (Chinese poetry)---------------

Now that you are like an unblemished gem (rough), it's a good time to work hard to polish yourself.
That way, you will be found by highly knowledgeable people and you will find many joys.

Details -----------------

The person who meets this fortune is a clever , famous for his talent.

Even if you become famous or can't get ahead, you can get some results if you make an effort.

It is good to pray to God.

Sick people will eventually recover even if prolonged.

The person you are waiting for does not come easily.

Your wish is achieved.

Do your best to find what you have lost. (You can find it).

You win the battle.

Move, build house, matchmaking, employment, travel, all good.

It is good to buy and sell.

Good occupation related to civil engineering, metal and paper.

Not very fortunate for babies.
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Re: Understanding omikuji 2019/11/30 20:07
Thank you both very much for your help! :D I'm so happy to know I have such a good reading.
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