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Icoca+Haruka Package 2019/11/15 16:12
Hi all,

I have checked and understand that with the ICOCA + Haruka package, I can only get an unreserved seat ticket, which no options to upgrade/top up extra to reserve a seat.

We are arriving on Saturday (23 Nov) morning about 8am at KIX and will be traveling to Kyoto, with a group of 5 adults (including 2 old folks) and 1 toddler, so we would very much prefer to sit near each other if possible. With the peak for koyo and it being a Public Holidays and weekend, would it be very crowded on the trains?

Would the ICOCA + Haruka package still be recommended, and if not, any suggestions please?

Thank you!
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Re: ICOCA+Haruka Package 2019/11/16 07:17
I have taken the Haruka a couple of times, including in autumn, and always found it quite empty. If you line up for the unreserved cards before the train arrives, you shouldn't have trouble finding seats together.
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Re: Icoca+Haruka Package 2019/11/17 10:17
The Haruka usually runs every 30 minutes and, as it originates at KIX, I wouldnft expect that you would have any great difficulty in getting seats. Whether you can get 6 seats together perhaps depends on how many people are in line ahead of you and whether they all choose to take disparate single seats that mucks up your ability to get 6 seats together (seating is 2 x 2). In any event, may I suggest that (except for the toddler) it doesnft really matter if you all sit together - as long as you all get a seat, you will all be fine and will get there at the same time.... If all else fails, just wait for the next train.

Trains depart KIX at 8.08, 8.43, 9.16, 9.46, 10.16, 10.44, 11.14, 11.44 etc.
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