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Tokyo-Shirakawago-Fuji self drive 2019/11/16 10:54
Hi, we are planning for our family trip (with infant) from 26/4/20-1/5/20. We are considering to self drive from Tokyo-Shirakawa go-Fuji and back to Tokyo, would like to know if this is a good option since our trip falls in Japan golden week. Afraid there will be some traffic congestion. We will be flying in and out from Tokyo, so we need to travel back to Tokyo.

We are considering travel by tour, but seems like there is not much tour available around that time. Private tour would be too expensive for our budget.
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Re: Tokyo-Shirakawago-Fuji self drive 2019/11/18 05:15
I'm not sure about driving, but here are some bus options just in case they may be helpful..
I have a similar route actually: Tokyo >> Takayama + Shirakawa-go (using Bus) >> Kyoto >> Fuji >> Tokyo
There is a bus that goes from Tokyo to Takayama and then there is a bus that travels between Fuji and Shirakawago.

Tokyo -> Takayama

Fuji <--> Takayama
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Re: Tokyo-Shirakawago-Fuji self drive 2019/11/18 10:00
Hi, thank you for your reply. Shall look into it as well.

Thank you
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Re: Tokyo-Shirakawago-Fuji self drive 2019/11/18 10:09
As a parent whom has traveled with an infant. While bus is a good cheaper option. Being stuck in a bus for hours with an infant would be horrible.

I would consider traveling by train for some parts of the journey. Allows the able to get up and move around.
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