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Hokuriku Itinerary Review 2019/11/18 05:21
Hi Everyone: This is my first post, but I hope I can get some feedback on my itinerary for my trip. I have two routes listed in my google doc, but I'll be going with the first option since I'd rather end the trip on a scenic note with Fuji.

I do have some questions:
1) Should I spend another night in Takayama instead of the 2nd night in Kyoto? I've been to Kyoto before, last year for about 3 nights/4 days and had a great time. I am planning on staying at a decent hotel or Ryokan most likely near the river.

2) Are two nights necessary for Fuji? From my itinerary I arrive via Overnight bus. I was hoping to maybe spend my last night on Sunday in Tokyo and catch up with some friends if I can avoid a second night in Fuji.

3) I did buy a Hokuriku Arch Pass so that should cover most of my travel across and around in Tokyo and Kyoto area as well. Any other passes I should consider? I know that the Limited Express Hida is not included, not sure if I am missing any other local trains / busses..

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
by mugensekai  

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