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Overstay Japan Visa By 1 Day 2019/11/19 02:28
Hi! I'll be arriving Japan this Wednesday (Nov 20) at 11pm. Then I booked a plane going back on Wednesday (Nov 27) with my family.

However, my boyfriend and I decided to extend our stay so we booked another flight to go back home at a much later date on December 6 (Friday) 7pm.

Now my stay will be for 17 days (Nov 20 to Dec 6) but I read that they don't count the arrival date, which makes it a 16 day stay.

I only recently noticed my visa was valid for 15-day stay while my boyfriend's is valid for 30-day stay.

Is it possible to still push through and go through immigration on our flight back?
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Re: Overstay Japan Visa By 1 Day 2019/11/19 10:28
Essentially, you would be overstaying your visa, which is illegal. Ask for an extension before you leave, or re-book your flight to match your approved stay.
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Re: Overstay Japan Visa By 1 Day 2019/11/19 11:13
The period of stay granted at the time of landing permission which means once you got the landing approval. Extension you need to have a valid reason since only 7 countries may extend waver visa.
Other option is to change your flight schedule.

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