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Entry to Japan 2019/11/19 04:19
Hi everyone im traveling to japan in January and im very excited. Im just nervous because I know Japan is super strict with who enters the country. I know this sounds dumb but all i have is a traffic offense for running a stop sign, fail to yield fine, ( i just know there really strict) I also know its up to officer in the airport who makes the final decision ( U.S and japan do share criminal records as i know of and im not planning to lie on the card). I just wanted to ask if anyone's gone to japan and declared their offence or crime and got into Japan. I really appreciate anyone who reads this and feel free to comment or respond thank you.
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Re: Entry to Japan 2019/11/19 11:06
Unfortunately, other people's experiences are unlikely to help you because, as you say, it's the decision of the Immigration officer on the day. It is highly unlikely that someone with the same problem/offence, who was seen by the same Immigration officer you will see when you arrive, will comment.

Good luck.
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Re: Entry to Japan 2019/11/19 16:23
Traffic infrigement in not a criminal offence.
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Re: Entry to Japan 2019/11/19 18:03
if you have not been imprison than no issue.
Everyone has a penalty in his or her life.
So strict is Japan not
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