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JLPT N3 audio section questions 2019/11/19 07:02

I just have a couple questions about the JLPT N3 listening sections for those that may have taken it, although my questions probably apply to the other levels as well. Can anyone describe the environment when taking the listening part of test? Does everyone listen with headphones, and you can only listen to each part once? Also, does anyone know the relative weighting of each listening section ( 1 to 5), points wise? For example, is each question (or maybe each section) weighted equally?

Obviously the overall weighting is well documented, but I am wondering about the weighting within the listening section only. Thank you.
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Re: JLPT N3 audio section questions 2019/11/19 11:12
No headphones, but a general loudspeaker in the room

You cannot listen again.

Try one of the N3 mock tests before to get a feeling how it works. There are some available online.

Be super concentrated.

I donft know about the weighing, but Ifd say that the questions get more difficult and longer so they should be weighing more as the test gets on.
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Re: JLPT N3 audio section questions 2019/11/20 09:07
You can also buy complete reprints of previous years' tests, complete with the listening portion, which make for great practice.

One other thing to remember about the test-taking environment: Turn your phone off. Not just the ringer - power down the phone entirely. When I was taking the test, someone in our room had their phone chirp once (either the alarm function or a text notification), and he was removed from the room and failed on the spot for causing a distraction.
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Re: JLPT N3 audio section questions 2019/11/20 21:21
This website is also handy with example questions for all JLPT levels


as a tip for the exam, particularly listening part - make sure to have snacks on you the test is long and listening is last (by which time you might be tired) so have some healthy snack ready to eat in the short break before the listening test as it will help you re-focus. you only get one chance - no repeats so it's good to have energy levels up and running.
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Re: JLPT N3 audio section questions 2019/11/25 20:05
If I'm not mistaken there is weighting based on the percentage of correct answers. Getting one right that many people missed will earn you more points than one that almost everyone got.
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