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Buying Bando nokyocho at Sensoji? 2019/11/19 21:07
I will be in Japan in a few months time to attend the Tokyo Marathon event. During this trip, I would like to pick up a couple of nokyochos ([o) for the Bando 33 Kanon Pilgrimage for my friend as she and your mate are planning a trip in the middle of next year to attempt the pilgrimage. I had been informed by her that the famous Sensoji in Asakusa, Tokyo is the 13th Temple in the Pilgrimage and had advised me to check out the temple for the nokyochos. To prevent any possible disappointment in not getting the nokyochos, may I check with the helpful forummers here if Sensoji does indeed sell the Bando nokyocho And if not, where else near Tokyo can I find them?
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Re: Buying Bando nokyocho at Sensoji? 2019/11/20 16:46
You can get [o at Sensoji temple and some other temples. Here is official website but i can't find English site. http://www.bandou.gr.jp/goods/index.php You can also get it from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E7%B4%8D%E7%B5%8C%E5%B8%B3-%E5%9D%82%E6%9D%B...
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Re: Buying Bando nokyocho at Sensoji? 2019/11/20 19:38
If your friend wants the gofficialh nokyocho for the Bando 33 Kanfnon Pilgrimage, while it is true that While Sensoji is the 13th of the pilgrimage, Sensoji does not seem to sell the gofficialh ones (If you look at the long chart mentioned on the link provided by the above poster, you scroll down to the 13th one, and the green dots on the right indicate whether they sell (from the left) gofficial Bando nokyocho,h gother nokyocho,h (I donft know what the third one is), gguide book,h gkyouhon (I guess buddhist prayer book),h cane, and (I donft know what the last one is). And there is a green dot for the gother nokyochoh at the line for Sensoji, but not for the gofficialh one.

There are four different types (colors) of the gofficialh ones, as shown on this page:

Sensoji has its own gnokyocho.h
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Re: Buying Bando nokyocho at Sensoji? 2019/11/20 20:25
Thanks for the heads-up. I did looked through the list and noticed that the nokyocho sold at Sensoji is the "unofficial" one. I might have to inform my friend that she would have to buy it herself and plan her first temple visit to the one that sells the official nokyocho.
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