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Mount Fuji - Hakone/Fujikawaguchiko? 2019/11/20 22:58
Hi there

We are planning a trip to visit Mount Fuji early Jan 2020, however we are debating whether to stay in the Fujikawaguchiko (Yamanahshi) area or Hakone? Does anyone have any pros and cons for either or recommendations? Also any recommendations for accommodation?

Also we are aware that typhoon Hagibis which hit last month has affected many areas, especially in Hakone. Please can someone advise what the current situation is and whether transport etc is still affected? As we are not due to visit for about 6 weeks, is it likely many issues will be resolved by then?

Thank you for your help in advance.
by Susie B (guest)  

Re: Mount Fuji - Hakone/Fujikawaguchiko? 2019/11/21 11:30
I wasnt so much impressed with Kawaguchiko and thought it to be overrated, but some people love it. On the other hand I have quite enjoyed staying at Hakone a few times and some people hate it. If you decide on Hakone, check out Fukumuziro Ryokan which is just awesome, and in a nice foresty spot only a few hundred metres away from Hakone Yumoto.
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Re: Mount Fuji - Hakone/Fujikawaguchiko? 2019/11/21 11:58
I'm one who prefers Kawaguchiko to Hakone. To me, Hakone is more touristy but there is probably more to do/see there. I stayed at the Hakone Prince, which was nice, surprisingly affordable, but western style. At KawaguchikoI loved the Kubota Itchiku museum (and I'm not interested in kimono ), and I was mesmerized by the sand painting at the Music Box museum (the rest of the museum is so-so). I also just loved walking around the lakeside and seeing the views of Fujisan. We were lucky as it wasn't cloudy or overcast and we had great views. We stayed at Weekend Shuffle. It's not a ryokan. The rooms aren't fancy but a good breakfast is included. The host was fantastic. For dinner, he dropped us off and picked us up at a restaurant a few miles away (there's not too many eateries open/close by at night). In the early morning, he took us up a private mountain spot to view Fujisan. You can see some of the pictures and reviews on tripadviser. In terms of weather, I don't know what either place in like in January.
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Re: Mount Fuji - Hakone/Fujikawaguchiko? 2019/11/21 13:07
Your experience might be true of a lot of ours - really it doesnt matter where you go in Japan, it is the people you meet there that make for a great experience against an average one.

I would mention to the OP that if you are in to hot dogs, I got the best one I have ever had at the cafe adjoining the doll museum at Kawaguchiko. Crunchy french bun, nice mustard, good dog, spicy tomato relish...we were staying at a ryokan with kaiseke but I would have preferred another couple of hot dogs for dinner.
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Re: Mount Fuji - Hakone/Fujikawaguchiko? 2019/11/21 13:35
Hi Susie B,

I am Japanese and I have lived in Shizuoka, where Mt. Fuji is located.

My personal recommendation is Hakone. Hakone is a famous place for Onsen (hot spring). You can enjoy onsen as well as nice view of Mt. Fuji. In addition, Hakone is in Kanagawa prefecture, which is close to Tokyo, so you can go to Tokyo easily. If you stay long and have time to go to another place, Hakone is better. If you have been to Tokyo, Yokohama is also good place for sightseeing.

However, as someone pointed out, Hakone is very famous tourist spot and very crowded with tourists. If you want a silent place to make you relax, Kawaguchi-ko might be better.

Hope you will enjoy your trip!

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Re: Mount Fuji - Hakone/Fujikawaguchiko? 2019/11/22 00:41
I would suggest using the Fuji Hakone 3 Day Pass and do both (if Hakone is fully back to normal that is).
Might sound silly but I deem Kawaguchiko as seeing Mt Fuji from my left eye and Hakone from my right. You only get the full view seeing with both eyes.
I will most definitely not hesitate to visit both again on my next trip.
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