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Special reentry permit on connecting flight 2019/11/21 13:24
Hi guys
As a lot of you know, as a residence card holder when you temporarily leave Japan for a short time you have to fill in the embarkation card at immigration and hand it to the officer to prevent issues when returning.

This time, I have a connecting flight at narita when leaving Japan.
So I fly from Nagoya domestic to narita, then from Narita I leave Japan.

Question is, where do I pick up the embarkation form to get special renter permit. Do they have them available on route in international connections at narita? If so where abouts? Or do I worry about it in Nagoya?
I don't want to leave Nagoya without knowing that I'm doing it right

Thanks everyone
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Re: Special reentry permit on connecting flight 2019/11/21 14:35
Tokyo you can get the embarking form.
Nagoya - Tokyo is domestic and you wont see these form in the departure all.
Once you arrive in Tokyo and go for international flight you will pass custom clearance, before you do so you need to feel in the card
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