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Sanitary pads 2019/11/21 18:56
Hi,i'll be in japan when my period came next week. I already do some research on pads and it said in japan almost all sanitary pad contain gel. do anyone know which sanitary pad's brand that do not contain gel? Thank you.
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Re: Sanitary pads 2019/11/21 19:49
Naturamoon and Hadaomoi(はだおもい)are non-polymer.
Hadaomoi can be easily purchased at supermarkets and drug stores.
I have never looked for a naturamoon, so I don't know if it is there. I'm sorry.

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Re: Sanitary pads 2019/11/21 22:30
I'm sorry, I may have used a word that you don't understand.
These are not using super absorbent polymer gel.
I wish you a pleasant stay in Japan.
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